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Ozone Generator Water Disinfection Treatment Air Purifier

Package Included:
1 x Ozone Generator

Color: Blue
Material: Plastic + aluminum plate
Dimensions: 146mm*57mm*85mm / 5.7*2.2*3.3"
Ozone Flake Size: 100mm*50mm / 3.9*2"
Heatsink Size: 122mm*51mm / 4.8*2"
Input voltage: 220V 50/60hz
Output voltage: 5.5kv±0.5kv
Ozone production: 20000mg/h Input power: Less than 85W

● Fire-retardant.
● With Indicator light.
● Applicable to air treatment equipment.
● This ozone generator takes 220v power.
● A box fan for cooling is highly recommended while the ozone generator is in operation.
Air-cooled, the use of fan cooling, 60 minutes after the proposed shutdown cooling for a period of time. 
● This ozone generator is capable of generating a high level of ozone within a short period of time, which is critical for effective treatment.
Go back directly to a plug that can be used, space for a long time to open a little space for a short time. Space large time long recommended to add a fan or fan cooling spread, effective use of the method:

First, the ozone generator air disinfection bacteria, to install electric fan cooling, the use of ozone machine sterilization, strictly prohibited staff in a high concentration of ozone environment to work and work, the use of high-pressure hazards, not water washing equipment, after working for a period of time to use alcohol to clean the dust on the ozone plate to ensure ozone normal production ozone.

Second, the ozone generator water treatment disinfection bacteria, to the ozone plate sealed in a box, with the air pump through the hose connected to the ozone plate sealing, in the hose into the water sterilization. Keep in mind that water cannot be turned back to the ozone seal box, damaging ozone slices and power supplies.

Introduction: Ozone is a strong oxidant, in a certain concentration can quickly kill bacteria in the air. No toxic residue, no two pollutions, its chemical nature is particularly lively, known as the cleanest oxidant and disinfectant.
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