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Negative Ion Anion Hair Dryer

  • XIAOMI MIJIA SHOWSEE A1-W Anion Hair Dryer Negative Ion hair care Quick-Dry 1800W Portable Hairdryer 
  • The high concentration of negative ions moisturize hair, upgrade styling experience, 20 million negative ions per cubic centimeter
  • Hair is not tied and awakens the hair's self-healing energy.
  • 450g weight, perfect lightweight design, easier storage, compact, and portable.
  • Neutralizes static electricity, hydrates hair, glides hair, and is easy to style
  • 1800W high power, the wind speed of the air outlet is up to 7.4m per second, cooperating with drying, shaping, and caring.
  • Strong wind to improve the efficiency of dry hair. Low wind temperature airflow noise reduction.
  • Take care of each hair, EHD heat distribution technology. Do not burn the hair
  • Wind power is required to switch for free. Double safety temperature control protection.
  • Ultra-long PVC power cord, 1.8m length can be stretched freely. Dust-proof metal protective net to prevent foreign matter from entering.

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