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400ml Water Filter Bottle Hydrogen Generator Ionizer



Charging Time




Operating Time








Reduction Potential


(ORP) 0~ -500MV


Battery capacity


3.7V/1000mAh (Built-in)


Operating mode




Number of work (Fully charged)




Operating voltage


DC 5V 1A






Production characteristics


HIGH 290mm, cup body diameter 67mm


Suitable for water temperature


20-60℃ room temperature




Borosilicate Glass+304 Stainless Steel+Natural silicone ring


H2 concentration






Approx. 22x7cm/8.66x2.76in



- Boron-silicon high-temperature resistant glass, healthy material.
- Intelligent platinum titanium, electrolysis technology to achieve a stable combination of hydrogens and water, with high hydrogens concentration, good stability, and so on.
- Sensitive touch button, two-speed electrolysis mode. Capacitive sensing touch button, sensitive, with 3 minutes of electrolysis .independent buttons, one-button operation is simple.
- Large-capacity lithium battery with USB universal interface for quick and convenient charging.
- Unique split design. The borosilicate glass body and the base are separately designed, and the base is unscrewed and conveniently placed in water for immersion cleaning. Not only maintains the temperature of the water, but also convenient drinking.
- Easy to carry
- Suitable for use in offices, homes, travel, cars, and schools.
- Multiple charging methods: car charger, mobile power, home power.
- Built-in sealing ring for effective leak prevention. Non-slip cup bottom. Round cup mouth.

- Health Hydrogens is known as the water of life, drink plenty of hydrogens-rich water to delay aging. can also be used for washing the face, cleanse the skin. Use It is easier to absorb when moisturized.
- Health-rich hydrogen water is beneficial to regulate the stomach, relieve constipation, hydrogens -rich water in the body through the cycle to improve gastrointestinal function.
- Health Hydrogen cup water molecules are smaller and can be blocked without being absorbed by the cell membrane, beneficial to speed up the metabolism.
- Health-rich hydrogen-rich water helps to improve the overall repair, regeneration function.
- Health-rich hydrogen-rich water helps reduce blood viscosity, improve microcirculation, and enhance blood vessel elasticity.
- Health-rich Hvdrogen water cup beneficial to improve water quality at the same time, kill the bacteria in the water, sterilization effect is obvious.

Package Includes:
1 x Hydrogens-rich Water Cup
1 x Charging cable
1 x  Manual

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