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Mon-Sat, 9am-9pm

2PCS 1-4KG Weight-bearing Leggings Sandbag

Oxford cloth, double-layer fabric, river sand
Type 1 / 1 kg
16*10cm,1 Bandage
Type 2 / 2 kg
32*12cm,2 Bandages
Type 3 / 3 kg
35*14cm,2 Bandages
Type 4 / 4 kg
37*15cm,2 Bandages

1. Designed for fitness hobbies who love sports and training muscles.
2. It has the long-lasting effect of training muscles of hands, legs, and feet and strengthening muscles.
3. Suitable for walking, exercise (hands, feet, arms) and other indoor sports, and various outdoor sports.
4.This product is designed to conform to the human body structure, making hands and feet comfortable to wear.
5.It is made of non-toxic and waterproof fabric, which can isolate the moisture. Keep it dry and let you use it with confidence

Package Included:
2PCS/Set x Sand Bag (Weight Optional)

Ships to Australia only (3-7 day delivery, free shipping)


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