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Leband Adjustable Ergonomic Backrest Support


The Leband adjustable ergonomic backrest dynamic support is an excellent choice for anyone who sits all day. It can be used to alleviate the pressure of your spine, making it perfect for computer work!

We know that you sit in front of a screen all day long and by the time you get home, your back feels like one big knot...thus leading to endless pain down your leg.

Well, there's no need to fear any longer because our Leband Backrest support has an excellent solution for this issue right at $85,99.

You might even notice some knots disappearing thanks not only to this product but also because it will relieve stress off of your body!

Standard benefits:
Reduce the pressure on your spine by up to 50%.
Improve your posture.
Emotional benefits:
Stop feeling sore and tired all the time.
Get relief from back pain.

 Package List:
 1x Leband Adjustable Ergonomic Back Support
Ships to Australia only (3–7-day Australia-wide delivery. Free Shipping.

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